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In order to provide you and our staff with a safe environment we have had to make some changes to how we operate and conduct our business at this time.


Some changes will be more obvious than others such as the reduction in table numbers, others like the change to single touch taps in all bathrooms will probably be unnoticed, rest assured all measures put in place have been done so after due consideration of the Govt Covid-19 Security Guidelines and the latest rules & laws.


All our staff have completed the online “Prevent Covid-19” training course and additional in house Coronavirus training specific to our venue. 

In order to minimise potential risks we ensure that all our staff are tested daily using rapid flow tests prior to commencing work.  Any staff members displaying Covid symptoms are immediately isolated and tested. 

While restrictions have now eased we request that all customers show respect to others and their personal space.  The virus is still undoubtedly with us and will continue to pose challenges in the future. 


Please act responsibly for your own health, ours and that of the wider community.


All our measures and control systems are regularly reviewed as is our Risk Assessment which can be viewed below.

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